Turning Messy Spaces into Meaningful Places

Demessify is a professional organizing and holistic interior styling company based in Denver, Colorado. I help you transform your home into a place where you can truly thrive - where you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love. 

Time is precious. Let’s not waste it searching for missing keys, getting lost in the sea of papers on our kitchen counters, or feeling guilty every time we look at the stack of newspapers in the corner that we haven't had the time to read.

Instead, let’s live life with moxie and gusto - Let’s invite people over for game nights and backyard grilling at a moment's notice. Let’s keep a bottle of champagne (or whiskey) out just in case there is a reason to celebrate on a Wednesday night.

Let’s turn our messy spaces into meaningful places, and let’s do it together.




Samantha somehow creates the perfect space for everything and everyone. She was responsive and empathetic to my needs, never judged me for my messiness, and at the same time, shared her own ideas and gently pushed me in the right direction. My bedroom used to be a dumping ground, and now it’s my sanctuary- and my favorite room in the house!
— Vanessa
Having Samantha help us unpack and organize our house after a big move was absolutely invaluable. She was wonderful at gently encouraging us and helping us decide what to donate or throw away in order to declutter. Also, I love that Samantha believes in finding inexpensive or free organizing solutions, rather than pushing us to buy unnecessary and expensive items. She made the move to Denver a whole lot less stressful!
— Susan & Eric