Read THIS Before You Hire a Pro Organizer

Finding the right pro organizer for your project can feel like a living nightmare. You’re pretty much welcoming a complete stranger into your untamed home, and going through all your crap with them. It’s like finding the right therapist. I mean, you may even cry literal tears (of grief, or joy, or nostalgia) in front of this strange person, who claims that they actually enjoy this work! Here are the 4 main questions you should ask before hiring a pro organizer.

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What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me Before I Started My Organizing Business

From a Denver-based expert organizer: If you were interested in starting your own organizing business, here is what I would tell you over coffee. I’m sure my perspective and advice is different from the next pro organizer. I hope some of this resonates with you and inspires you.

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The Four Questions to Ask Yourself When Decluttering Mementos

The area we struggle the most with when it comes to decluttering and organizing are MEMENTOS: old schoolwork, old artwork, old photos, items that belonged to a family member who has passed, heirlooms, etc. Before opening up those boxes in the attic, ask yourself these four questions to optimize your decLuttering and organizing success.

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Decluttering with Kids

Kids bring in a lot of clutter. The art projects, flyers, the little prizes from school, so many knick knacks. And then their constantly outgrowing toys and clothes. How are you supposed to manage it all?

I share helpful tips from my experience working with kids (and adults) here.

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Environmental Psychology: How to Thrive Where You Live

How do the current rooms in your home make you feel? How do you WANT them to make you feel?

These are the types of questions we dive into here. The solution? Using the principles of environmental psychology so you can soak up every last ounce of goodness in each room, no matter how small or big or old or new or fancy or cluttered your home is.

My challenge for you: Incorporate just one of the many examples here into your home over the next month, and share with me via instagram, facebook, or simply by commenting on this post.

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Declutter Your Mind

It’s no secret that being stressed, overwhelmed, and over-booked will make achieving any of your goals, feeling the way you want to feel, or living the kind of life you want to live much more difficult. While removing physical clutter from your attic, basement, closets, and kitchens is important, eliminating mental clutter from your schedule and to-do list is just as important and has the same positive, transformational effects.

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The Most Important Step to Transform Any Space

As a professional organizer and interior stylist, so many people come to me saying the same thing: “Help! I don’t even know where to start!”


They want a  bedroom room that makes them feel peaceful and calm, or an office space that makes them feel focused and energized, or a kitchen that makes them feel fancy and healthy - but right now it’s a messy and boring space.

Do you start by buying plants and art? Should you paint the walls a certain color? Or rearrange the furniture? Or spend a lot on fancy organizational supplies? Should you store everything in a different place? Or maybe buy tons of containers and label all the stuff? Or get the kids to help out more with putting things back where they belong? WHERE DO YOU START?! So many folks know exactly what they want for their space, but they are stuck and don’t know how to get there.

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The Organization Supplies I Use the Most

A few years ago, I applied to work part-time at the Container Store. After all - I love organization. But then, during the group interview, I had the sudden realization that simply buying tons of additional stuff, even if it’s organizational stuff, is not going to actually help you get organized.

You need to do the hard work of decluttering, and creating lasting organizational systems in your home FIRST. This month I’m sharing the top five organizational items that I most frequently use with clients, only after we’ve decluttered and developed organizational systems.

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How to Do the Holidays with Peace and Ease

What if your holidays were 100% stress free? What if everything was super easy, joyful, and peaceful?

Your guide to feel less like Jovie and more like Buddy the Elf this holiday season is right here.. Let's trim off all the stress of your holiday season together, and just focus on doing the things that matter with the people that matter. 

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The Things that Matter

Given everything that’s gone on in the world throughout the past couple of months, from natural disasters to mass shootings, it’s difficult to write a blog post sharing advice about how to simplify your wardrobe, declutter your pantry, or style a coffee table. All those things seems trivial and unimportant...

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Is the Pricey Planner Worth It?

For most, choosing one planner for the whole year is overwhelming. Here is a place to start if you are thinking about buying a planner for this new school year. First, start thinking about  how you’ll use it, THEN look into options that are out there. Compare some of the trendiest planners and decide if they are worth the hype and the often large price tag. 

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