The Organization Supplies I Use the Most

A few years ago, I applied to work part-time at the Container Store. After all - I love organization. But then, during the group interview, I had the sudden realization that simply buying tons of additional stuff, even if it’s organizational stuff, is not going to actually help you get organized.

You need to do the hard work of decluttering, and creating lasting organizational systems in your home FIRST. This month I’m sharing the top five organizational items that I most frequently use with clients, only after we’ve decluttered and developed organizational systems.

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How to Do the Holidays with Peace and Ease

What if your holidays were 100% stress free? What if everything was super easy, joyful, and peaceful?

Your guide to feel less like Jovie and more like Buddy the Elf this holiday season is right here.. Let's trim off all the stress of your holiday season together, and just focus on doing the things that matter with the people that matter. 

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The Things that Matter

Given everything that’s gone on in the world throughout the past couple of months, from natural disasters to mass shootings, it’s difficult to write a blog post sharing advice about how to simplify your wardrobe, declutter your pantry, or style a coffee table. All those things seems trivial and unimportant...

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Is the Pricey Planner Worth It?

For most, choosing one planner for the whole year is overwhelming. Here is a place to start if you are thinking about buying a planner for this new school year. First, start thinking about  how you’ll use it, THEN look into options that are out there. Compare some of the trendiest planners and decide if they are worth the hype and the often large price tag. 

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