Home Styling Resource Guide

Interior Stylist and Professional Organizer in Denver

Some people have a really strong sense of what they want in their home. Some have no idea where to start. This post is for the latter bunch: When your place doesn't look bad, it's just not a reflection of who you are, your values, your style, or your interests.  If your apartment has no rhyme or reason to it and your not sure how to best style your home, then this post is for you! 

Once you have more clarity about your home's ideal look and feel, styling your home will be a whole lot easier. 

Below are some general design categories and resources to find inspiration. Of course, you can always combine categories, many pieces don't fit perfectly into one single category, and there's many more styles out there. In fact, the amazing Emily Henderson believes that you can always combine multiple styles, as long as you have the same color scheme. 

Do a little digging below, and see if there's anything that jumps out to you. THEN see if you can develop three to five descriptive words that explain how you want your space to look and feel. Leave a comment with those words, and any additional tips you have for the lost and afraid. Happy styling! 


Preppy / Girly

  • Emily Shuman's blog Cupcakes & Cashmere is a great source of inspiration for rooms, decor, and events that are girly and fun. Her most recent book has a focus on interior design. 

  • I don't know how Jackie of York Avenue does it all. She works full time as a nurse and a fantastic blog. Her apartment should be a great source of inspiration for anyone living in a super small space that wants maximum style.

  • Store: Society Social

Colorful / Funky

  • Oh Joy! Even this name is colorful and funky! Joy Cho is a creative genius. Check out her home tour and office tour. She also has a couple of books, and a home decor and party supply line at Target. #lifegoals.

  • A Beautiful Mess is great for decor inspiration and DIY projects. They even have their own book

  • Store: Domino 

Classic / Traditional

Vintage / Eclectic

Other Great Resources (for all sorts of style inspiration) 

  • Apartment Therapy - Great for seeing REAL house tours of REAL people (not designers) and great for people who need inspiration for small spaces. And they just started doing video tours too! 

  • The Everygirl Home Tours are great for learning more about the women behind the room.

  • Design Sponge  & Home Polish are pretty swell too. 

Well THIS is an exhausting list. Is there anything that stuck out for you? What other blogs/books/stores am I missing? Now excuse me while I cancel all my plans for the week so I can only read home decor blogs. 

Image by Ben Garrat, Unsplash