How to Do the Holidays with Peace and Ease

Forget About Making Everything from Scratch.

Don’t have time for homemade and fully organic, locally sourced everything? Who cares. Remember that the people you are spending time with during the holidays love YOU! Not how perfect you make everything. And I’m sure guests would rather be around you when you’re relaxed and joyful -- not stressed and overwhelmed. Instead of stressing to make everything homemade, pick up a pie and some bread rolls from a local bakery and some fancy frozen appetizers from Trader Joe’s. Done!

Postpone Holiday Cards If It's Too Stressful

If there's no way you'll find time to take a family portrait, and then stuff, stamp, and seal letters in December, then simply postpone sending out your cards! Send out Happy New Year or Happy Valentines Day Cards in January or February. Folks will probably appreciate your card more since it is much more unique, and you'll stress less without having to meet a deadline. 

Invitations & Cards without the Headache

If you want invitations and cards without tons of effort, but with lots of joy and creativity, Minted and Evite are your go-to sites.  Minted offers a huge selection of designs, and can address all your envelopes for you in beautiful hand lettering for free. For party invitations, evite is super simple and free.

When it Comes to Gifts, Experiences > Things

Instead of rushing around to the find the perfect toy or thing, think about whether you can gift an experience instead of just more stuff. Read about how people appreciate and enjoy experiences more than things here.  

Some ideas: A membership to the local Children’s Museum for your nephew, a cooking class with your best friend, or tickets to a concert for your parents. This means less overwhelming toy clutter for kids, less stuff sitting around the house, and more joyful experiences with your friends and family.

Support Local Businesses from your Couch

Did you know that every time you buy something from a small business, an actual person does a literal happy dance?!  If crowded craft fairs and flea markets aren’t your cup of tea, you can still support local artists and small businesses through Etsy. There’s even a search filter that allows you to look for businesses and makers in your city or state. It doesn't get much easier to support local artists and small business owners! 

Easily Give a Gift That Makes a Difference

If you want to give a great gift that also makes the world a better place, but you don't know where to start, check out Heifer International.  Their gift catalogue allows you to purchase animals, like goats, water buffaloes, and chickens for families in developing countries. Or you can have your gift go towards women's empowerment programs, sustainable farming, or basic needs projects. It's super simple to "purchase" these meaningful gifts and makes a tremendous difference. 

Decoration Storage & Organizing Hacks

Detangling Christmas lights does not say joy or peace to me. Some helpful tips to storing holiday decorations:  Store Christmas ornaments in egg cartons, and wrap them with coffee filters. 

Wrap Christmas Lights around a simple strip of cardboard or around a hanger for tangle-free decorating.

Instead of spending time transferring leftovers from their serving bowls into tupperware, simply put a shower cap on the lid, pop it in the fridge, and then get back to enjoying your party. Check out these specially made covers from Etsy! 

Lastly, remember to forget about perfection. Do what you can and then let it be. Make sure you aren’t prioritizing perfection over spending genuine time with your loved ones.

What about you? What traditions do you actively make time for during the holiday season? How do you stay peaceful and joyful during this time of the year, when calendars and to-do lists begin to fill up?

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