Transform your Bedroom into a Retreat

  Photo by  Timothy Buck  on  Unsplash

Photo by Timothy Buck on Unsplash

Turning your bedroom into a space where you can truly relax and recenter yourself isn't that hard and won't cost you that much in minutes, dollars, or space! Here are some helpful and practical changes to uplevel your bedroom - so it's more like a retreat and less like the Tazmanian devil's bedroom or your sterile college dorm room. 


KEEP SOUL-FOOD CLOSEBY | What feeds and inspires your soul? Books, journals, coloring books, magazines, your favorite album, a gratitude practice, yoga, a meditation app? Gather up a box, bag, or drawer of some soul-food and keep it closeby ready to fill you up when you're running on empty. 

TAP INTO YOUR FIVE SENSES | Try to mindfully incorporate at least one sense into each night. For example, buy your favorite candle and actually light it; diffuse some essential oils; read in the cozy soft blanket even if it's just one article or a couple pages of a book; hang up your favorite art and display new photos from recent travels or celebrations; sip on your favorite tea.

These are things that don't cost much money, don't take up much space, and don't take that much time, yet make a huge impact on your wellbeing. 

CONSIDER BOTH NATURAL & ARTIFICAL LIGHTING | When was the last time you stayed in a nice hotel? Did you notice that in the room there was both task lighting (bedside table lamps or wall sconces on each end of the bed for reading; table lamps on the desk for working) and ambient lighting (floor lamps or ceiling lighting that can be dimmed and adds warmth and a good amount of light throughout the room). Did you notice that the drapes were also thoughfully designed, so that you could control how much natural light you let into thr room? 

Think about the lighting in your bedroom. Do you need more task lighting or ambient lighting in your room?   Is there too much natural light in the morning? Do you need some light blocking drapes? Is there too little natural light? Do you need a large mirror to bounce that little natural light around the room? Thinking about lighting and taking little steps to improve it in your bedroom will go a long way in not only transforming the mood of your room, but also your ability to relax.

No more reading or journaling with a flashlight so your partner can sleep! No more waking up at 6:15 AM on a Saturday because the blinds aren't blocking out the light! 

LET LIFE IN |  This is an easy and quick fix that makes a huge impact. Add in some plants and flowers in decorative vases or pots and BOOM! Your dorm-like, sterile bedroom is transformed into a cozy retreat. 

How do you make sure that your bedroom is a place where you can actually relax and refuel? Share your tips in the comments below.