The Organization Supplies I Use the Most

Before we go any further - I want to make it crystal clear that buying more stuff, even if it’s organizational stuff, is NEVER the place to start when it comes to home organization.

Always start by decluttering first! And then, after you are confident with how much remaining stuff you have, where it will live in your home, and what organizational system you’ll pursue to keep it organized - THEN you can go ahead and buy the organizational items.

It doesn’t make sense to purchase a fancy new craft storage system or expensive shoe rack, only to realize that you don’t even really like crafting anymore, and you want to get rid of half your shoes. Makes sense right?

Nonetheless - After I spend some time decluttering and creating lasting organizational systems with clients, these are the items we end up purchasing most often. 

Notice that none of these items are expensive or unique. They aren’t flashy or fancy.  They are all simple solutions, but when paired with lots of decluttering and strategy setting  first - they are incredibly effective.

Pocket Over-the-Door Shoe Organizer

These have been around for years - and that’s because they are super practical and effective. You also, of course, don’t need to store just shoes in them.  Cleaning supplies, toiletries, and accessories can all be stored here. Other over the door organizers like this or this could be even more effective in your home.

I’m often more hesitant to recommend over the door shoe racks that don’t have pockets (like this or this) because kids shoes won’t always fit on these, and you are limited to only storing shoes.

Clear, Plastic Shoe Box

   Photo from      Real Simple

Photo from Real Simple

These go for around $2 a piece at Target, Walmart, and The Container Store. They can organize almost anything clearly. Label them with a label maker or use a paint pen.

Magazine Rack or File Organizer

   Photo from      Mom on Time Out

Photo from Mom on Time Out

A simple solution to the endless amount of papers that comes through most families’ doors (bills, catalogues, invitations, school flyers, coupons etc) is having just one station, where papers are instantly sorted into categories. My favorites are here, here, and here, but there are many different types of mail and file organizers available.

I always recommend having a ‘To Do’ and ‘To File’ Category, and then keeping this system near a recycling bin, so that more papers can be quickly tossed. Stay tuned for a future blog post about developing and maintaining a family command center, where these are crucial.  

Simple Woven or Fabric Baskets

   Photo from      Good Housekeeping

Again, this is a super simple, but very effective solution. Baskets like this, this, and this are great for storing accessories in your closet, storing small toys, and more. Sometimes (and almost always) the simpler - the better.

For example, if it’s easier for you to toss your scarves in a basket, instead of hanging them on fancy scarf organizer like this, then stick to the basket! You get to decide what would be most effective and work the best for you!

Dollar Store Multipurpose Drawer Organizers

I go through these babies FAST. Bathroom, kitchen, and office drawers look and stay so much more organized with them.

What would you add to this list? How do you keep your stuff organized? Are there any items you thought would help you get more organized, but ended up making things worse? Comment below!


Thumbnail Photo by Crew on Unsplash