Declutter Your Mind

   Photo by  Jake Melara  on  Unsplash

Photo by Jake Melara on Unsplash

It’s no secret that being stressed, overwhelmed, and over-booked will make achieving any of your goals, feeling the way you want to feel, or living the kind of life you want to live much more difficult.

While removing physical clutter from your attic, basement, closets, and kitchens is important, eliminating mental clutter from your schedule and to-do list is just as important and has the same positive, transformational effects.

Some practical steps you can take to start dusting off that noggin of yours include:

Unsubscribe from emails.

I’ve been using the website Unroll.Me to unsubscribe from multiple newsletters and promotional emails easily.

Exclusively use an old email address for promotions.

I use my old hotmail email address for all newsletter signups, where potential coupons or savings may be involved. I check that email maybe once or twice a month, and use it exclusively just for newsletters I know I won’t want to read too frequently (with information about coupons or sales at stores). Whenever I purchase something online, I use that email.

Delete unused apps on your phone.  

Consider deleting social media accounts that don’t serve you and are just wasting time.

Turn off app notifications.  

Right now, I don’t receive any notifications on my phone - Just texts and phone calls. No, I’m not the first to know any breaking news. And it takes me a little longer to respond to facebook messages. I also don't understand any pop culture references these days. (Maybe that's just because I'm getting old?!)  But the mental clarity I gain far outways these cons. 

Practice saying no.

What commitments can you eliminate from your schedule that are no longer fulfilling you? When I started growing this business and enrolled in more interior design classes, I stepped down from my role on a nonprofit committee. Are there any lingering commitments that you can step away from?

Make a “Things I Don’t Do” list.

This sounds silly - but it’s also pretty fun and a good reminder to yourself that you can’t do it all. These days it seems like we need to do EVERYTHING, do it perfectly, and then share it with everyone else on our Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.  Right now, my list of things I don’t do includes baking, gardening, and exercising by myself. I would much rather buy baked goods and veggies from someone else than grow or bake them on my own. I have no desire to be the co-worker who shows up with the plate of freshly baked muffins, I’ll bring the coffee instead! I also have much more fun going on runs, hikes, or climbs with friends than doing crunches by myself in a smelly gym. 

What ways are you decluttering your mind, simplifying your priorities, and focusing only on what’s important? Share in the comments below.