The Self Care Practice Nobody is Talking About

When you hear the phrase “self care” what do you think about? Bubble baths? Facials and massages? Saying ‘I love you’ in the mirror three times a day while hugging yourself? I do all of these things daily and you should too. (Kidding). Jokes and sarcasm aside, I’ve thought and studied a lot about the concept of self care this past year.

It seems like more leaders today, from artists, to businesswomen, to elected officials, to parents, to community volunteers, are realizing the value of taking good care of themselves. It’s becoming more and more clear:

Self care is vital to thriving, living your best life, and being a good leader within your community, family, and workplace.

For some people, self care looks like a specific morning routine, a fun exercise regimen, or a monthly scheduled trip to the mountains. It looks like turning their phone to airplane mode when they get home from work, or leaving their phone at home when they go on a walk with an old friend. It looks like drinking a daily green juice, wearing more sunscreen, drinking more water or even simply scheduling a much-needed goddam haircut.

I believe taking care of your environment is also a crucial element of self care.

Cleaning out your closet so that you’re only left with the clothes you look and feel amazing in? Donating the clothes that are uncomfortable and make you feel like a boring version of yourself? That’s self care.

Blocking off an afternoon to sort through the boxes of bills, files, and receipts, so that you can be more empowered to manage all the daily to-do’s more efficiently, and spend more time with your friends and family? That’s self care.

Getting rid of all the “shoulds” (books you should read so you seem smarter - but you find them completely uninteresting, a hobby you should take up so you are more well rounded, even though you hate it, exercise equipment you should use because Kristin down the street swears that’s how she got rid of the baby weight, even though you feel like it’s a medieval torture device)? That’s self care too.

Dealing with all the extra STUFF around your home may seem like just another chore, but it’s actually much more than that.

Want to up-level your life and squeeze every last ounce of fun, joy, and love out of it? Start with your environment.

Taking the time to create an environment where you can truly THRIVE, where you can be your best self, where you can maximize your time doing the things you love with the people you love? That’s 100% self care right there. And it’s a pretty transformational, liberating form of self care.

I’ve seen it myself these past few months. I’ve worked with tremendous people who took the time to find me, hire me, and work alongside me to transform their homes- which pretty instantly then transforms their lives. Suddenly, their kitchen table isn’t covered in piles of papers, and they can actually light a candle on that very same table and enjoy a long, relaxing dinner there.

The empty corner in their kitchen now has a small writing desk, a calendar, and a file holder. They can plan-out the priorities of their day with a warm cup of coffee in their new corner kitchen “office”, before the kids even wake up.

They can use the nice perfume and wear their favorite lip gloss on an otherwise mundane Wednesday - because they can actually find their favorite lip gloss and the nice perfume in their bathroom.  

If you’re one of these people - be proud - you’re taking care of yourself so that you can play bigger, lead better, and give more to those around you. Taking care of yourself like this is hard and lot’s of people avoid it or view it as unnecessary. But because you took action, you’re set up for more joy and love.

What do you think about this new self care concept? What are you going to do this month to transform your environment from a messy space into a meaningful place where you can truly thrive?

Comment below and share your goal!