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I've never worked with a professional organizer or interior stylist before. What should I expect?

  • Clear, Empathetic Communication:  I count on YOU to tell me when you aren’t happy with an organizational solution or design plan. Without clear communication, we aren’t going to effectively solve your organizational problem. You won’t hurt my feelings. Instead, you’ll make me more excited to learn how I can better serve you! My goal is to make this as fun as possible for you. This should feel less like a stressful chore, and more like a fun adventure that challenges and stretches you.


  • Shame & Judgement Free Zone: You already have enough to worry about! No apologies are expected or allowed when I visit your home. We all are trying our best and nobody is perfect. We’re a team and in this together. 


  • No Stress or Worry: Once we begin our work together, you are not bound or obligated to complete a session or project with me. If the service isn’t what you expected or life situations changed, you can absolutely end our work together at no cost.

Can't I just do this on my own?  

Of course you can declutter, organize, and style your own home. Hiring an empathetic, experienced professional who you enjoy working with and trust, simply takes one MAJOR task of your already huge to-do list. [Insert deep sigh of relief here].

It’s going to cost you a lot more time, money, experience, and education to tackle this beast on your own. Working with Samantha puts you on the fast track to FINALLY having a home where you can thrive and maximize the time doing the things you love with the people you love.


Hiring Professional Organizer in Denver

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Can I refer you to my friends?

Yes, please! My small business is built off of referrals. If you refer a friend that ends up hiring me, you'll receive a discounted session. Read more about the Demessify process here


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