Denver Professional Organizer & Clients

What you'll Get

  • Organized, styled home where you can maximize the time you spend doing what you love with the people you love. 

  • Guidance and coaching throughout the de-cluttering, organizing, and styling process.

  • Organization Plan: I will provide a thoughtful organizational system so that you can STAY organized, even after I leave.

  • Design Plan: You will approve a design plan, which clearly lists the items I plan to purchase for your home and the work that needs to be accomplished. Each design plan in unique according to your interests and needs - From a light makeover to a complete overhaul.

The Demessify Process is especially helpful for people who:

  • Are interested in renting out their space on AirBnb

  • Need support staging their home before an Open House 

  • Recently moved or are about to move

  • Want to enjoy their home more and create lasting organizational systems, but don't know where to start. 

  • Want to design their space, but also make it practical and functional. 

Complimentary Items Included in Every Session 

  • Donation Haul-Out: No more doorways filled with bags of clothes ready to donate! I take everything that needs to be donated with me as soon as we finish a session - at no additional cost to you. You still get the tax credit if you desire!

  • Recycling Haul -Out: In many cases, I will personally drop off  items that cannot be tossed or recycled traditionally (printer cartridges, paint containers, electronics, etc.) to the proper recycling or waste removal facilities. One less thing you need to worry about!

  • Organizational Items & Containers: I show up prepared with most items we may need during a decluttering and organizing session: From command hooks, to hangers, to containers of all shapes and sizes. Depending on price, these items are provided to you at no additional cost.

  • Free 30 minute “Check Ups” every six months after a project is completed: Stay in touch with me, even after we are done working together! Has your family grown, and you have completely different needs from when we worked together? Are you having more difficulty than you originally expected keeping your household papers in order? Schedule a ‘check up’ call or meeting with me, and we’ll tackle this problem together!


$40/hour. After our consultation, I'll be able to assess how many hours a project will take depending on scope and size. 

Transform Your Home --> Transform a Colorado Classroom

By choosing to transform your home (and life), you are also impacting your local community. Five percent of all Demessify profits are donated to RAFT Colorado. The Resource Area For Teaching (RAFT) collaborates with Colorado businesses, community members, and education organizations to provide teachers with affordable tools, ideas, and learning experiences.